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Compliance Analysis

These analyses are completed in response to, or to proactively reduce the likelihood of occupational injuries or death, plans review and working with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction on behalf of our clients to proactively address and resolve code inquiries or compliance issues. READ MORE…


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Evaluation and Training

This includes developing and delivering customized training on safety topics, codes and regulations; occupational procedures analysis and modification, including creation of customized procedure manuals; performing life safety and environmental health and safety surveys. READ MORE…


[column grid=”4″ span=”1″]Litigation Support

This includes timely and detailed comparisons of incident and violation reports with relevant industry codes, standards, best industry practices and cutting edge research.  Determine your relative liability through the SCS expert analysis. READ MORE…


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Code Development Facilitation

This facilitation includes assistance with navigating code systems including development and support of new or modified code text. Our partners have experience with the inner workings of SDOs and how to get your voice heard. READ MORE…