Compliance Analysis

SCS will conduct an analysis of your facility or process for compliance. This may be done proactively or as the result of an accident or violation. The analysis will highlight areas where codes and standards may change how you conduct business to promote worker safety. Compliance analysis is conducted through the following activities:

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Evaluation & Training

The second area of practice is evaluation and training. This includes developing and delivering customized training on safety topics, codes and regulations; occupational procedures analysis and modification, including creation of customized procedure manuals; performing life safety and environmental health and safety surveys and assessments.


You can either specify the areas where training is needed or SCS can do an evaluation to help you assess the needs and recommend training. Evaluation of training needs can be as straightforward as a discussion about areas of concern, or as in-depth as a walkthrough of your facility to review materials and procedures, and learn the intricacies of your processes.


After evaluation, SCS will develop a plan with management input to ensure the training is customized for you. If processes are identified for optimization or for safety concerns, SCS can develop procedure manuals and best practice documentation to reduce or eliminate the known hazards. The relevant codes, standards and regulations will be identified and then applied to the training modules.

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Litigation Support

SCS is able to provide assistance to attorneys, insurance companies and others with case support research and expert testimony regarding OSHA, NFPA, ATF or other local, state or federal work place requirements.  This support is most often completed in response to occupational injuries or death.  Analyses include review of relevant industry codes, standards, best industry practices and cutting edge research.  We then compare those standards with actual events documented in eye witness accounts and authorities’ violation and incident reports to advise the client of their level of responsibility and potential liability.  We are then able to provide expert testimony regarding fire, health and safety requirements and associated violations.

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Code Development Facilitation

We have experience in all aspects of code development. From chairing technical committees to working directly for standard developing organizations, we have it all covered. Many organizations and manufacturers can benefit from being involved in the code development process and we can show you how. Let us help you get your products recognized or your organization’s view heard. Our partners have been directly involved in all of the committees listed to the right and can help you with many others.

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